What is Graphic Design?


What is Graphic Design?

This is a common question making its rounds in the marketplace. Have you found yourself asking “What is Graphic Design?” before…? Well, if so, keep reading.

Graphic Design dates way back to the design communication of humans 1000s of years ago. Think cave paintings. Think hieroglyphs… It became an actual term that originated during the 1920’s print industry. It is also becoming increasingly important in marketing today, as it uses various strategies to communicate the right messages or ideas in a visual way to the correct audiences in the marketplace.

Graphic Design is also known as “Communication Design”. It is the process by which the designer uses messages and imagery in various, creative ways to convey information to a specific targeted audience. Graphic Design creates visual communications between the producer and their clients. Graphic design is based on specific elements and principle rules that ensure well-composed designs – be it followed or broken. These designs can be created by hand or using various graphic design software such as GIMP and Photoshop.

Graphic Design Principals include:







Graphic Design Elements Include:








What are the responsibilities of a Graphic Designer?

A good graphic designer has various responsibilities to ensure that the graphics designed, convey the correct messages in a way that is attractive to the desired audience, it is being designed for…

Some of the duties of a graphic designer are, to name only a few:

– Understanding colour theory to choose the correct colours for the designs and messages.

– Understand how all the elements work together with the message that is being communicated.

– Communicate a particular message by using elements including text, images, a variety of media, specific fonts, various sized elements, different shapes, colours and so much more.

– Properly communicating with the client to determine the scope of the project and to learn exactly what the message is the client wants to get out in the market.

– Choosing the correct colour scheme, typography, imagery, placements, and design architecture for the brief.

– Create and develop the designs for this particular message in the correct formats needed to reach the client’s expectations and brief.

– Present the designs and mock-ups to the client in a professional and easily understandable manner to the client.

– Receive the client feedback and look to the revisions the client wishes to make. Presenting the revised versions to the client in order to get the perfect, final design according to the client brief.

– Review, refine and revise the final product before sending the designs in the necessary formats; sizes; and colour codes needed, to fit the brief.

– Keeping in mind and sticking to the lead time and budget discussed with the client.

Market Research is crucial for Graphic Design

A designer should do extensive research on the market, current trends, and traits to use as inspiration for the design process, be it a logo, a flyer, or even a website. This allows them to design accordingly to create the correct visual messages to attract the desired audience eyes. They do this by utilising aspects such as trending – yet still within the client range – colour schemes, typography, imagery, and other aspects.

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