The importance of a Brand Identity


The importance of a Brand Identity

The importance of a Brand Identity can be easily overlooked, especially under start-ups or small businesses that simply do not have the resources to pursue a unique brand identity. However, it is important to understand that having a unique and established brand image or identity is truly important for healthy growth in the business, especially in the diluted industries of today. If you want to know more about brand identity and image, read on…

What is a Brand Identity?

Brand identity and brand image are two different aspects of a business brand and can easily be confused or seen as one element. Brand identity is the actual visual elements seen by the audience that sets you apart from your competitors, whereas the brand image is the way the audience perceives the business, based on the brand identity they interact with.

It also has a vital role in creating the brand that portrays the personality and message the business wants to communicate to their audience. Having a consistent, unique, and memorable brand identity is also very important.

What does it consist of?

It is the visual elements seen by the audience and includes various elements that set your business apart from the competitors. These elements may include:

  • Business/Company Name,
  • Logo and other elements of the Corporate ID,
  • Colour Palette,
  • Typography,
  • Content and Copy and the tone thereof,
  • Images and Photography,
  • Designs and Graphics,
  • The presentation and packaging of the actual products,
  • Social Media Profiles and interactions through the platforms,
  • Web Design and the UI & UX thereof,
  • Employee Uniforms and how they work with customers,
  • And any other element that is physically visible to the audience interacting with your business or brand…

Why is it important?

Having a strong and consistent brand can lead to consistent marketing messages that consequently lead to more sales. It makes your business easily recognizable and distinguishable under the eyes of your target audience as they associate your brand with your services and/or products that you offer. A positive and unique brand creates and builds relationships and trust between your brand and customers and might even create and nurture your loyal customers.

A brand identity is an image that tells the story and all that the business is about in a matter of “first impressions”. It ensures credibility and trust among the audiences and assist in generating new leads or customers and keeps building trust in your existing customers. It also assists in the proper positioning of the business among the customers and potential customers which leads to a successful business.

How to Create a Strong Brand Identity.

Consistency is key.

It is of utmost importance to create a consistent, cohesive, and professional brand in order to run an effective Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy.

Research is important.

Creating a proper brand doesn’t happen in seconds… it requires extensive research to create a brand that is successful, effective, and distinguishable as well as ensuring it is coherent with the business mission, vision, and standards.

Analyze the business.

It will require an in-detail analysis of the business, why it exists, target market, market research, potential customers, and other key elements of the business, and a complete understanding of each to create a strong identity.

Keep it coherent.

Each element of the Brand Identity should effectively work together and meet and support the messaging that the business wants to communicate to the audiences. Remember to include your business goals in the analysis to ensure that the brand and brand identity meets the same goals. Also include your Mission, Visions, Business Persona, Positioning, and Target Market into the analysis…

Create the Brand.

Once you have done and completed your research you can create an effective brand identity and Marketing Strategy that best describes the business, but also best connects with the target market of your business in order to drive sales, as this is why you have the business…right?

How to stay consistent.

As mentioned above, consistency with a brand identity and brand image is crucial, and an effective way of keeping consistency across all platforms is by creating a Brand Style Guide.

A brand style guide is simply a guide that shows all the aspects of the brand to assist in creating coherent branding and marketing messages that stick to the main focus of the business brand.

This allows any and all that needs to use branding in any way they need to, be it creating custom graphics for the website, creating content for social media, or even designing a billboard or uniforms for the employees, etc.

The most important takeaway is RESEARCH and CONSISTENCY in your Brand Identity.

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

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